On Jennifer Laude: She had it comin’?


“Wag kasi magpanggap na babae kung di naman tunay na babae.” (Stop pretending to be a real woman.)

“Hindi natin masisisi ang kano nagpakilala sa kanya na normal yung pala ABNO” (You can’t blame the American man, he thought she was normal, but she turned out to be abnormal.)

“Babala sa mga malalandi: yan ang mapapala nyo pag di kayo tumigil.” (This is a warning to all the sluts: this is what you get if you don’t stop.)

“Karma lang yan. May fiancé na kc, naglalandi pa e.” (This is simply karma. She has a fiancé and she’s still whoring around.)

I could go on indefinitely about those stupid comments made by the ignorant masses about Jennifer Laude after she was brutally killed (allegedly) by a member of the US Marine Corps. But that only serves one purpose: to prove that even the most uneducated have access to the internet. In this post, I will try to contain myself and avoid name calling from this point on. Those people who made these comments after all are mere products of a social system that has so inherently been fucked up, they really can’t help themselves from acting like idiots.

Instead, I’d like to talk about the following things: how the media has framed this violent attack on a transwoman, the violence and hate that transwomen face daily, and how this is somehow our fault…

Read more at The Philippine Online Chronicles.


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